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Friday, August 21, 2015

Former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Receives Probation for Alleged Rape of a Minor


According to the the latest news, former Baltimore Ravens (NFL) cheerleader, Molly Shattuck, has been sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to raping a 15-year-old boy.  The FoxNews article can be found here:

As a defense attorney, I would not advocate that she should have received a harsher sentence, and I'm not doing so here.  Rather, I simply wish that men who face such allegations in the civilian and military justice systems would receive the same consideration as Ms. Shattuck received.  

The United States Constitution guarantees our citizens "equal protection of the laws." Do you think that truly occurs when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct? 

How many times are military men accused of rape or sexual assault because they had sex with a woman who later claims she wouldn't have engaged in the sex if she was completely sober?  

How many military women are accused of rape or sexual assault because they had sex with a man who wouldn't have engaged in the sex if he was completely sober?...

For more information about the military justice system, particularly cases alleging rape and/or sexual assault in violation of UCMJ Article 120, type “rape” or “sexual assault” into the search bar above the blog posts.  Also, see:

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By: Attorney Richard V. Stevens
Civilian criminal defense lawyer and military defense lawyer
Military Defense Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens, P.C.

Blog postscript: Attorney Frank J. Spinner and I (attorney Richard V. Stevens) are former active duty military lawyers (JAG). Our perspectives and advice, therefore, are based upon our experience as military defense lawyers and as civilian criminal defense lawyers practicing exclusively in the area of military law and military justice. This blog addresses issues in military law, military justice, military discipline, military defense, court-martial practice, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and other military and/or legal topics. Nothing posted in this blog should be substituted for legal advice in any particular case. If you seek legal advice for a particular case, please contact The Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens and The Law Office of Frank J. Spinner for a free consultation. These military defense law offices are located in Northern Florida (Pensacola, Ft Walton, Destin, Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, Duke Field, Panama City, Tyndall AFB areas) and Colorado Springs, Colorado (FT Carson, Peterson AFB, Air Force Academy, Schriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Buckley AFB areas), but our military defense law practices are worldwide – we travel to wherever our clients are stationed or serving and need us.

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