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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Army SPC Daniel Weber is represented by Mr. Richard V. Stevens (Colorado Springs) and CPT Jack Patten (Iraq). This press statement is being released by the Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens:

From the very beginning of this case, there has been misinformation reported to the press by a variety of sources and reported by the press without regard to fact checking and verifying information before it was published. In fact, some press outlets have published inaccurate information despite being informed their information was not accurate. This case has not been the finest hour for the press or for those who have fed the press information that is not accurate.

This press release will not address the substance of the claims and allegations against SPC Daniel Weber or the other accused Soldiers. Instead, it is meant to clear up widespread inaccuracies that are being reported.

It has been reported by some press outlets that SPC Weber has been discharged from the Army. That is not accurate. SPC Weber is currently serving in the Army in Iraq.

It has been reported by some press outlets that SPC Weber resigned from the Army. That is not accurate. SPC Weber is a specialist, resignation is reserved for officers resigning a commission.

It has been reported that SPC Weber has entered into a plea agreement in this case. That is not accurate. A plea agreement is a situation in which a Soldier appears before a Military Judge in a military courtroom and pleads guilty to certain offenses in exchange for some considerations or benefit from the government/prosecution. That has not happened in the Weber case.

It has been reported that SPC Weber has entered into an agreement to testify against the other accused Soldiers in this case. That is not accurate. SPC Weber has been ordered to testify in any of the cases IF called by the prosecution OR the defense. He has not made any “deal” to testify “for” or “against” any party.

With regard to SPC Weber’s current status: If any administrative actions have been taken against SPC Weber by the Army, or are pending in this case, those actions would be protected from disclosure by the Privacy Act. Any press source or press outlet should be mindful of the civil and criminal sanctions imposable under breeches of the Privacy Act.

It would be appreciated if attempts were at least made to verify information in this case before it is published.

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By: Attorney Richard V. Stevens
Civilian criminal defense lawyer and military defense lawyer
Military Defense Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens, PC

Blog postscript: Attorney Frank Spinner and I (attorney Richard Stevens) are former active duty military lawyers (JAG). Our perspectives and advice, therefore, are based upon our experience as military defense lawyers and as civilian criminal defense lawyers practicing exclusively in the area of military law. This blog addresses issues in military law, military justice, military discipline, military defense, court-martial practice, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and other military and/or legal topics. Nothing posted in this blog should be substituted for legal advice in any particular case. If you seek legal advice for a particular case, please contact The Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens & The Law Office of Frank J. Spinner for a free consultation. Military defense law offices are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Military defense law practices are worldwide.