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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Convictions of the Innocent Reach All Time High - CNN

According to this CNN article, in 2015 there were 149 exonerations of innocent people convicted of crimes they didn't commit:

Even more troubling is the conclusion of the report that these exonerations are just the cases that have been caught and corrected.  But that:

"By any reasonable accounting, there are tens of thousands of false convictions each year across the country, and many more that have accumulated over the decades"

When considering this report in the context of the recent outcome-seeking changes to the military justice system - in which politicians from both parties, and the President, have sacrificed the goal of fairness for improved prosecution statistics - you have to believe that innocent military members caught up in this system have been convicted, jailed, and had their futures ruined in the name of political correctness.  After all, who cares about fairness for an accused?  If an allegation has been made, it must be true...right? 

For more information about the military justice system, particularly cases alleging rape and/or sexual assault in violation of UCMJ Article 120, type “rape” or “sexual assault” into the search bar above the blog posts.  Also, see:

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By: Attorney Richard V. Stevens
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