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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Duke Law Professor and Former Air Force Deputy Judge Advocate General (DJAG) Details Top 10 Reasons Why Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Military Sexual Assault Bill is the Wrong Solution

Maj Gen (Ret) Charles Dunlap is a Duke law school professor, as well as being the former Air Force Deputy Judge Advocate General (DJAG) and a former military judge.  In his recent paper regarding the issue of rape and sexual assault cases in the military justice system (UCMJ Article 120), Maj Gen Dunlap sets forth his top 10 reasons why Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's military sexual assault bill is the wrong solution.  Maj Gen Dunlap's paper can be found here:

A discussion of that paper can be found here:

And here is a paper by Charles "Cully" Stimson from the Heritage Foundation: 

By: Attorney Richard V. Stevens
Civilian criminal defense lawyer and military defense lawyer
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