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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Series of Articles about Serious Problems at DoD Forensic Crime Lab - USACIL

If a military member is accused of a military crime that involves forensic evidence and testing, that evidence will likely be tested at the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL).  This DoD forensic lab handles cases from all service branches and analyzes evidence such as:

- Blood
- Urine 
- Other biological fluids
- DNA and serology examinations
- Drug chemistry
- Trace evidence (such as fibers, soil, material exchanges)
- Latent print analysis (including fingerprints)
- Forensic document examination (handwriting comparisons)
- Digital evidence (computers, mobile phones, electronic storage devices)
- Firearms, ballistics and toolmarks

Television shows and movies often depict forensic labs as infallible and unassailable.  However, here are some, in a series of, articles by Marisa Taylor and McClatchy DC media ( regarding serious problems at USACIL that deeply impact the military justice system and the credibility of the forensic analyses and conclusions produced by the DoD lab:

For more information on the military criminal and disciplinary cases we handle, and the military justice system, please see our past blog posts and website.

By:  Attorney Richard V. Stevens
Civilian criminal defense lawyer and military defense lawyer
Military Defense Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens, P.C.

Blog postscript:  Attorney Frank J. Spinner and I (Attorney Richard V. Stevens) are former active duty military lawyers (JAG).  Our perspectives and advice, therefore, are based upon our experience as military defense lawyers and as civilian criminal defense lawyers practicing exclusively in the area of military law and military justice.  This blog addresses issues in military law, military justice, military discipline, military defense, court-martial practice, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and other military and/or legal topics.  Nothing posted in this blog should be substituted for legal advice in any particular case.  If you seek legal advice for a particular case, please contact The Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens and The Law Office of Frank J. Spinner for a free consultation.  These military defense law offices are located in Colorado Springs, CO and Southern New Jersey, but the military defense representation is worldwide – the attorneys travel to wherever the client is stationed.  

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